We are musicians and work for musicians. We chose our products as if they were for us. We offer used and pre-owned quality instruments in an excellent condition low-cost prices. We are known for offering guitars and basses, imported from Japan or the United States, both vintage and classic or current that so far could only be found in the private market. All our items exceed strict quality control to ensure smooth operation. Ask us for the model you want and we'll bring it at an unbeatable price.

We also work with outlet products completely new.



Tokai Love Rock LS85Q
750.00 *
Maruszczyk Jake
750.00 *
Tokai Hard Puncher
550.00 *
Fender Telecaster TL62
875.00 *
750.00 *
Marin Cano MC Classic
1,500.00 *
Yamaha RGX420S
330.00 *
Music Man Stingray 4H
1,250.00 *
Tokai Jazz Sound pj
700.00 *
Fernandes PB60
650.00 *
Fender Jazz Bass ri62
690.00 *
Yamaha SA-60 1974
800.00 *
Fender Stratocaster ri57 Japan
Old price 1,100.00 €
700.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery